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Another Snow Day in Alabama

Yesterday, 2.12.2010, we had another snow day in Anniston, Alabama. The pictures below were taken from our front porch.

snowDay_02_12_10 012

snowDay_02_12_10 010

It was a nice time to relax and stay home. Most times when we are home on the weekends we have so many things to do to prepare for the next week of work that we don’t have much time to relax. Having the snow on the ground and not being able to get out and move about forces one to stop and be still for a while. It seems that we are all too busy these days. We have to have “something” to slow us down. Isn’t that odd about the way people live now compared to a few years ago? The more we learn, the more technology that we accumlate the more we think we have to do. It seems like all the knowledge would help us not have to work so hard. But to me we are all so busy now that we don’t even have time to enjoy one another’s company. So, I for one have loved the snow day and the time to be with my family and friends and enjoy a few things that I love to do too. I hope it was a good time for all of you as well.


Holiday – Time at Home to Reflect…

Today was a holiday from work. It was nice to be home an extra day and relax and think. I was looking at some of my pictures and realized that I had not posted a picture of some of my finished projects so thought I would do that today:

Scarf Knitted for my Niece:

 Knitted Scarf               Knitted Scarf


Dish rag knitted from the pattern gotten from yarnmiracle dish rag tag pattern 2008:


 I was not a part of the Dish Rag Tag race but I enjoyed making the pattern and can’t wait to get the pattern from this year http://yarnmiracle.com/2009/10/12/top-eleven .

A collar I crocheted for my sister.


A praying Hands dish rag that  I knitted for my sister.


A dish rag that I crocheted.


 I haven’t made any new things lately but I have got some thoughts racing around in my mind. Maybe I will get some of them done and post some new pictures soon. If not, maybe I will have another day of reflection and find something else to share.

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Annual Visits – Glad they only come once a year

Yesterday was Buddy’s annual VET visit. We found out during this visit that the rabies shots have been changed and will only be required every three years. Great news for Buddy who becomes so nervous during his visit that he has to be muzzled and comforted by his special friend (mine too).

BuddyAnnualVisit2 Here with Mike (our best friend).

BuddyAnnualVisit1 Here looking beautiful even with a muzzle on.

After all was over Buddy checked out fine and we headed to McDonalds to get him a nice cup of ice (his favorite treat). Then we went home to take it easy and relax.

BuddyRecouping There is just no place like home!!!

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The Weekend

I have completed the week and I am back at home for the weekend. It has been a strange experience for me this past week. I have felt such a void with Mama being gone. There are so many thoughts that I have of her each day and especially in the last year when she has been so sick. I am always thinking about going to see her, what she might or might not need, what could I do for her on the weekend that might make her feel better. Now I feel lost. My husband and I were making plans today and I told him that I felt like I needed to work in going to see Mama but there will be no more going to see Mama now.

I am very thankful for the time I had wih Mama. And I am very thankful that she was my mother. I know I am who I am today because of her and Daddy. They were both great parents. I learned valuable lessons from them both. My brother and I were talking about them the other day and we were saying to each other how we felt we had the perfect parents for us. We would not have changed any thing.

So, I know there is more days of adjustment to come. And I know that life is going to be so different now. I am almost 50 but I still feel as though I am a child who has lost her parents and there is such a void there. I do have my husband (wonderful friend and companion), my brother, my sister, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. God has been good to me and I know that He will continue to bless me as long as I have faith in Him. Brighter days will be ahead.



My mother passed away on September 27, 2009. Today I was thinking about her and this poem came to me. This is the first poem I have ever written. It is a tribute to my wonderful mother.


Mama I love the talks we always had; Mama you always made my heart feel glad.

Mama I love the ideas we shared;  Mama I always felt like you cared.

Mama when the whole world felt like it was coming apart; Mama I knew you would help heal my heart.

Mama the world will never be the same for me; Mama no one can show me the beauty you could always see.

But Mama I won’t be sad; I’ll rejoice and be glad.

For Mama you always said, no one stays dead.

Mama I look forward to again seeing your face; Mama I can’t wait for you to tell me about God’s heavenly place.

By: Carla Noles, September 2009


How to read a Kindle

The best way to read a Kindle:

readingAtHome                         readingWithLexyAndBuddy070509

1.  Read from home.

2.  Read in your favorite chair.

3.  Have your two dogs with you.

Nothing is better than reading with one dog at your side and the other on your chest. Give it a try some time.


No Assembly Required

Yesterday, August 23, was the three month anniversary of Lexy coming to live with us.

Lexy came fully equipped and ready. She has been a great companion. She was house trained and leash trained. She rides very well in the car and has not had any car sickness.  LexyWatchingForMike We travel a lot due to our jobs and that is very important. She plays well with our Dachshund and they are really becoming great friends.

If you are ever in need of a new doggie; look for one that requires no assembly. It makes it an even greater experience.