A New Lexus


As I had posted a little while back we lost our beautiful Chihuahua, Lucy,  to bone cancer. My husband and I both feel that she can never be replaced but we do miss the companionship and felt that we could get anoher Chi in honor of her and to help save a life by adopting the Chi.

We found the perfect choice at The League for Animal Welfare in Anniston Alabama. She was given up by her previous owner becuase he was going through a time of grief (much like we have been) from loosing his Chihuahua of 8 years (we had Lucy 8 1/2 years) and a friend of his gave him Lexus for a gift to help him get over his loss. He was not quite ready to get a new Chi and could never bond with Lexus.

The minute we saw her we knew we had to take her home. She was so tiny and sweet in the arms of the worker that brought her out to meet us. The worker told us that the Chihuahua’s name was Lexus. We had been discussing a name for our new Chi before we got her and we had decided on Lacy. We had purchased a new harness, leash and tag for the new arrival with Lacy printed on the tag. When we heard the name Lexus we looked at each other and we said “Lexy.” We loved it.

I held her and my husband and I both took her for a walk with her leash. She was so happy and well behaved. She was scheduled to be spayed that week so we told them we would take her but we would pick her up the next weekend. That was the longest week. We talked about her everyday and we could hardly wait to go and get her.

We arrived early that morning to get her. My husband said he never thought he would own a Lexus but now that has all changed. We took her to our car and I held her in my arms as we drove toward home and a new beginning for all of us.

Lexy was very frightened. She shook and panted and I held her close and put a blanket that we had bought for her over her. She began to calm down after about 15 minutes of riding with us. We talked to her and showed her the new things we had purchased for her arrival. We took her to the pet store close to our home and weighed her. She weighed 5.6 lbs. By the time we got home she was really bonding with us and she had went over to my husband’s lap and curled up and was sleeping.

Next, was the introduction for Buddy, our mini Dachshund. We decided to have Buddy meet Lexy at the end of the street where we live. I took my husband and Lexy to the end of the street and let them out. Then I went home and got Buddy. I walked Buddy out to meet them as my husband walked toward me with Lexy. Buddy saw them in the distance and he started to bark at her. We just kept walking and when we met my husband and I started talking and acting like we weren’t looking at them. They started to sniff each other and they did a little sniffing and turning (normal for dogs). Then they were ready to walk. We all four walked home. We let Buddy in the house first and then let Lexy. Buddy was a little jealous of her at first but we made sure he received all the attention that he had always received from us and soon he got over that.

Mike gave Lexy a very sweet welcome to our home.



Lexy got comfortable pretty soon and seemed like a part of the family.

Buddy and Lexi are pretty good friends now. They sleep together and sit together and play together.


We couldn’t have found a better Chihuahua. Welcome to our home Lexy.



3 comments on “A New Lexus

  1. Welcome, indeed!! We know this is going to work out great for the whole family!!

  2. I love this sweet dog story!

  3. Hello,

    This is a very sweet story…and this dog is so cute!

    ~ Gabriela ~

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