Another Year.

Well I seem to be so busy that I can’t get back to my blog except for once a year.

This year has been good. My great niece and nephew turned 3 this year. They are so cute. They are talking a lot now and everything they say is so sweet. I moved into a new building at work and that has been nice. I look forward to the new year and have lots of plans to be a better healthier person during the year of 2014.

If I don’t come back before next year hope you have a good one and I’ll see you then.

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A Year Has Gone So Quickly

Here it is January 31, 2012. I came to my blog to look around and make some changes and maybe freshen things up a bit. To my surprise the last post that I had written was January 31, 2011. Exactly one year ago today.

So many things can happen in one year. And so much of it can seem to have went by so quickly while other parts seem to go by so slowly. This past year I was given a outbased location from which to do my job closer to home. This is something that I never felt would happen. I had worked at a location many miles from home for 6 years. It was hard to imagine that it could or would ever change. But the Lord made a way and now I am working close to home and I am home every night and the memory of being alone far from home through the week is so faded that it is hard to believe that it was real.

Friday will be my 52nd birthday. I am so thankful for the live that God has given me and the family that He has allowed me to be a part of. I am looking forward to my birthday and many more to come.

I would like to think that I could share something from my years of life that would be of benefit to others. I am praying for direction in that area. Maybe I will feel lead to share something more than once a year, if not, then hope my next year’s post will bring something special to someone that God wanted me to share. Until we meet again may the Lord bless you and guide your path in the way that He has planned for you. Me too!

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The Last Day of January 2011

Today has been a hard day for me. Recently I was given some time to work from home and I was so happy to be able to spend the extra time at home; even if it working.

Today I worked very hard and I am extremely tired. But this new schedule has caused my schedule to be off a little and I have been eating right. I know that it seems like it should be no big deal; you eat the food on your program no matter what. But when you have an eating problem it is not always that easy. Any little change in what you have been used to doing can set you on a trail of eating the wrong foods.

Once I start eating the wrong way it is hard for me to adjust to the right way again. But I feel like I will be okay this time. I have lost 67 pounds and the difference that it has made in the way I am able to walk and move and, this will probably sound funny to someone who has never experienced it, but I know that if you are reading this and you have had a weight problem most of your life, as I have, you will understand exactly what I am saying, sitting in a booth in a restaurant. Something that should not be a big deal but is. Something that bothers you when you don’t let anyone know. Something that you wished would go away. I don’t want to ask for a seat with chairs at the table anymore. So, I am determined to get back to my eating plan and continue with the weight loss journey.

The last day of January 2011 is a turning point for me. I am going to get my schedule back on track. By the time 2012 gets here I hope to be really reaping the benefits of eating a more healthy plan and living a more healthy lifestyle.

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The Weight is Over (formerly Aunt Granny)

 It is almost time for my 51st birthday, next Thursday, and I have not posted since last February 18 (around the time of my 50th birthday). I decided that this would be a good time to start fresh.

Originally I had planned to share my crafts and projects in knitting and crochet on this blog. My blog name was taken from a conversation that I had with my mother and nieces while knitting a scarf for my niece. But working and other activities and events kept me from feeling like I had time to post very often.

Recently I have wanted to begin journaling my thoughts and progress as I am losing weight. I have had a weight problem most of my life and it has been a major “ingredient” in everything that I have felt or done in some way or the other from the time I was a young child. On March 2, 2010 I decided to join Weight Watchers because I am almost 51 and I am tired of the weight. I want the weight to be over. So I am giving my blog a new name, “The Weight is Over!”

I have currently lost 67 pounds on the PontsPlus system and I love the program. I want to start blogging/journaling about my days on the program and my journey to a new me. This year The Weight is Over! And my blog is going to take a new direction; a new turn. It is going to be a great journey. I hope that a long the way that it will inspire some of you to take your own journey and share your thoughts too and we can be right there together exclaiming, “The Weight is Over!”

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Turning 50

My birthday is in February and this February I turned 50. Being 50 feels no different to me then when I was 20, 30 or 40 but the way people respond to me is different and that is a little hard for me to get used to.

For instance, I was sick a couple of weeks ago with an upper respiratory infection and I had to go to the doctor. While at the doctor’s office there was also another lady there who had the same last name as mine. When the nurse was calling us back she assumed that the two of us were together. We said no, we are not together and we went back one at a time.

When the nurse called me back she explained to me that she had thought we were together because we both had the same last name and we were both women in our 50s. Well, I had only been 50 for about 3 days at that time and I hardly thought that made me a woman in my 50s.

I pondered over this for a while and I began to realize that I am now a woman in her 50s and that is how it is and will always be (until I become a woman in her 60s, 70s,…). So I decided to embrace the whole concept and enjoy it. I will now except my senior discounts and senior coffee and be happy that I have been blessed to become a senior. My mother always said she wanted to live as long as the Lord would bless her to live and she hoped that that would be 100. She was always very proud of her age and thankful that she had been blessed to live a long and happy live.  I think I am beginning to see what my mother was talking about. I hope to enjoy as many years as the Lord blesses me to have and be happy that I am a woman in her 50s.


Designer Dogs…

Often when I am shopping for toys and treats for my two dogs I see these really cute outfits and imagine what Lexus and Buddy would look like in one of them. Usually that is as far as I go with the whole idea but this past weekend I let my imagination run away with me and I bought a cute little dress for Lexus and a football shirt for Buddy.


I think they look really cute in them. They seem to think that we think they look cute too. Lexus really got an attitude when she got her dress on and she pranced all over the place. Buddy seemed a little jealous because he didn’t have his shirt yet. When I put his shirt on him they walked around together smelling of each other and holding their heads up high. All the excitement made them really tired and they went to sleep right after that. 



It was fun for us all; I guess this means there will be more outfits in the future…

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As the snow is beginning to melt today I have been continuing to relax at home and ejoy the extra time off from work.

I am so thankful for my warm home.

And my 2 wonderful pets, Lexus and Buddy. snowDay_02_12_10 001(Buddy and Lexus playing at home).
They are sitting with me now as I type this post. Pets are the dearest “friends” we can have. They want nothing more than to be with you at every opportunity. We could learn a lot from them and their unconditional love.

I am also thankful for my wonderful husband. I have been married to him for 28 years. We have been together most of my teenage and adult life. I am thankful that I met him early in my life and didn’t have to go through too much trial and error before settling on the right one.

Hope all of you are enjoying this day and remembering the ones you love and how thankful you are for them. It is a great time to think and reflect while the snow is melting and the weather is warming a little…be happy.

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Another Snow Day in Alabama

Yesterday, 2.12.2010, we had another snow day in Anniston, Alabama. The pictures below were taken from our front porch.

snowDay_02_12_10 012

snowDay_02_12_10 010

It was a nice time to relax and stay home. Most times when we are home on the weekends we have so many things to do to prepare for the next week of work that we don’t have much time to relax. Having the snow on the ground and not being able to get out and move about forces one to stop and be still for a while. It seems that we are all too busy these days. We have to have “something” to slow us down. Isn’t that odd about the way people live now compared to a few years ago? The more we learn, the more technology that we accumlate the more we think we have to do. It seems like all the knowledge would help us not have to work so hard. But to me we are all so busy now that we don’t even have time to enjoy one another’s company. So, I for one have loved the snow day and the time to be with my family and friends and enjoy a few things that I love to do too. I hope it was a good time for all of you as well.


Holiday – Time at Home to Reflect…

Today was a holiday from work. It was nice to be home an extra day and relax and think. I was looking at some of my pictures and realized that I had not posted a picture of some of my finished projects so thought I would do that today:

Scarf Knitted for my Niece:

 Knitted Scarf               Knitted Scarf


Dish rag knitted from the pattern gotten from yarnmiracle dish rag tag pattern 2008:


 I was not a part of the Dish Rag Tag race but I enjoyed making the pattern and can’t wait to get the pattern from this year .

A collar I crocheted for my sister.


A praying Hands dish rag that  I knitted for my sister.


A dish rag that I crocheted.


 I haven’t made any new things lately but I have got some thoughts racing around in my mind. Maybe I will get some of them done and post some new pictures soon. If not, maybe I will have another day of reflection and find something else to share.

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Annual Visits – Glad they only come once a year

Yesterday was Buddy’s annual VET visit. We found out during this visit that the rabies shots have been changed and will only be required every three years. Great news for Buddy who becomes so nervous during his visit that he has to be muzzled and comforted by his special friend (mine too).

BuddyAnnualVisit2 Here with Mike (our best friend).

BuddyAnnualVisit1 Here looking beautiful even with a muzzle on.

After all was over Buddy checked out fine and we headed to McDonalds to get him a nice cup of ice (his favorite treat). Then we went home to take it easy and relax.

BuddyRecouping There is just no place like home!!!