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Walking and Thinking

Today as I was walking to my car after work I was noticing how beautiful everything is beginning to be. The air was just right, a nice breeze was blowing and colors were popping everywhere. Spring is time of new beginnings. I love this time of year. It always makes me think of our new […]

Buddy, yes or no?

Buddy answering some of my questions. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

The Banner

The picture in my banner is in my front yard. The flea market is a building that we have that has been used for many different things over the years. The last one being a flea market. The higway is right in front of my house. My mother in law and father in law purchased […]

Happy Birthday Mama!

April 3 was Mama’s 67th birthday. She received this bouquet along with some other wonderful gifts. We love you mama.

Living a dream

When I was 13 I dreamed of meeting someone so handsome and smart to be my boyfriend. I thought about it a lot and prayed that God would help me to meet this person. One day my dream became a reality. I met my best friend. He was the best looking person that I had ever […]


I lost my father in August of 2007. I have thought many times that I wouldn’t be able to stand loosing a parent. I have felt sorry for those I knew who had lost a parent and never wanted to go through it myself. But, my father was sick for a while and he was tired […]