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Holiday – Time at Home to Reflect…

Today was a holiday from work. It was nice to be home an extra day and relax and think. I was looking at some of my pictures and realized that I had not posted a picture of some of my finished projects so thought I would do that today: Scarf Knitted for my Niece:                  […]

Annual Visits – Glad they only come once a year

Yesterday was Buddy’s annual VET visit. We found out during this visit that the rabies shots have been changed and will only be required every three years. Great news for Buddy who becomes so nervous during his visit that he has to be muzzled and comforted by his special friend (mine too).  Here with Mike […]

The Weekend

I have completed the week and I am back at home for the weekend. It has been a strange experience for me this past week. I have felt such a void with Mama being gone. There are so many thoughts that I have of her each day and especially in the last year when she […]


My mother passed away on September 27, 2009. Today I was thinking about her and this poem came to me. This is the first poem I have ever written. It is a tribute to my wonderful mother. Mama Mama I love the talks we always had; Mama you always made my heart feel glad. Mama I love […]