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I have been married for 30 years and I have two dogs, a mini Dachshund (Buddy) and a Chihuahua (Lexus). We had a wonderful Chihuahua (Lucy – see her page) that passed away in 2008; we still miss her very much. 

This blog was originally started to share some of my projects in knitting and crocheting. The title was taken from a day that I was visiting with my mother and nieces. I was knitting a scarf for one of my nieces and I was discussing with them that I would like to make them some baby blankets and things for them to have when they got married. And that since I didn’t have any children that I would feel like their children were my grandchildren. Then I said, “Hey, I can be their Aunt Granny!” It was funny to all of us and I decided later that I would write a blog and use this for my title.

As time went on I became so involved in my work and other activities that I didn’t take time to post to this blog.

Recently, I have joined Weight Watchers and I have lost 67 pounds. I want to post about my weight loss journey now and switch gears from crafts to this subject.

My nieces have since had children and they have decided that they would like to have their children call me Aunt Nanny. I kind of like that too since I have been able to try it for real and not just talk about it. So it is Aunt Nanny for the greats (great-nephew and great-niece).


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  1. Carla I run across this thingyou call a blog I never knew it is connected to my iPod until now Well ttyl8r

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