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Remembering my childhood…

Yesterday my husband and I went riding through the community where I grew up. My grandmother owned two houses next door to each other when I was a child and most of my adult life too. The oldest house has since been torn down. But the newer house is still there with new occupants. This […]

Feeling Much Better

It is so hard to write when you don’t feel well. I am feeling much better now and ready to start up again where we left off. As I have mentioned I don’t have any children. I do, however, have two very lovely dogs. Buddy (mini Dachshund) and Lucy (Chihuahua). Buddy is still a baby and he […]

The Name…

As I have no children of my own I have claimed the children of my brother and sister. My brother has 3 boys and my sister has 2 girls and one boy. They are all wonderful children and I love them dearly. One day while visiting with my mother, the girls came over too. At […]

Soothing blanket of comfort

Even when one is not feeling well there is still so many beautiful things in the world around us to bring some comfort. Right ouside my window there are beautiful birds and trees and flowers. Their colors so bright and uplifting. And although some of us have a gift of art we can never truly […]

A New Beginning…

Today I am home from work because I have a bronchial infection. I thought that starting my blog would be a good project for me and help me feel better. I have been reading some wonderful blogs lately and it has inspired me to start my own.  I hope you will all enjoy coming by to […]