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The Last Day of January 2011

Today has been a hard day for me. Recently I was given some time to work from home and I was so happy to be able to spend the extra time at home; even if it working.

Today I worked very hard and I am extremely tired. But this new schedule has caused my schedule to be off a little and I have been eating right. I know that it seems like it should be no big deal; you eat the food on your program no matter what. But when you have an eating problem it is not always that easy. Any little change in what you have been used to doing can set you on a trail of eating the wrong foods.

Once I start eating the wrong way it is hard for me to adjust to the right way again. But I feel like I will be okay this time. I have lost 67 pounds and the difference that it has made in the way I am able to walk and move and, this will probably sound funny to someone who has never experienced it, but I know that if you are reading this and you have had a weight problem most of your life, as I have, you will understand exactly what I am saying, sitting in a booth in a restaurant. Something that should not be a big deal but is. Something that bothers you when you don’t let anyone know. Something that you wished would go away. I don’t want to ask for a seat with chairs at the table anymore. So, I am determined to get back to my eating plan and continue with the weight loss journey.

The last day of January 2011 is a turning point for me. I am going to get my schedule back on track. By the time 2012 gets here I hope to be really reaping the benefits of eating a more healthy plan and living a more healthy lifestyle.


One comment on “The Last Day of January 2011

  1. Hey Carla! Funny, I’ve been trying to get a weight loss blog off the ground too, but haven’t made it happen yet!

    You have done so great with your weight loss and I think a journal will be the perfect thing for you to have so you can look back on what you’ve done 🙂

    I know you are going to be a great success!!

    Take care!!

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