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Turning 50

My birthday is in February and this February I turned 50. Being 50 feels no different to me then when I was 20, 30 or 40 but the way people respond to me is different and that is a little hard for me to get used to.

For instance, I was sick a couple of weeks ago with an upper respiratory infection and I had to go to the doctor. While at the doctor’s office there was also another lady there who had the same last name as mine. When the nurse was calling us back she assumed that the two of us were together. We said no, we are not together and we went back one at a time.

When the nurse called me back she explained to me that she had thought we were together because we both had the same last name and we were both women in our 50s. Well, I had only been 50 for about 3 days at that time and I hardly thought that made me a woman in my 50s.

I pondered over this for a while and I began to realize that I am now a woman in her 50s and that is how it is and will always be (until I become a woman in her 60s, 70s,…). So I decided to embrace the whole concept and enjoy it. I will now except my senior discounts and senior coffee and be happy that I have been blessed to become a senior. My mother always said she wanted to live as long as the Lord would bless her to live and she hoped that that would be 100. She was always very proud of her age and thankful that she had been blessed to live a long and happy live.  I think I am beginning to see what my mother was talking about. I hope to enjoy as many years as the Lord blesses me to have and be happy that I am a woman in her 50s.


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