Designer Dogs…

Often when I am shopping for toys and treats for my two dogs I see these really cute outfits and imagine what Lexus and Buddy would look like in one of them. Usually that is as far as I go with the whole idea but this past weekend I let my imagination run away with me and I bought a cute little dress for Lexus and a football shirt for Buddy.


I think they look really cute in them. They seem to think that we think they look cute too. Lexus really got an attitude when she got her dress on and she pranced all over the place. Buddy seemed a little jealous because he didn’t have his shirt yet. When I put his shirt on him they walked around together smelling of each other and holding their heads up high. All the excitement made them really tired and they went to sleep right after that. 



It was fun for us all; I guess this means there will be more outfits in the future…


2 comments on “Designer Dogs…

  1. Sweet doggies looking good in their new duds.

    • Thank you. I don’t usually dress them in anything except for a sweater when Lexus is really cold. I thought these two outfits were so cute and on an impulse decided to get them and see how they looked. They seemed to know that I was dressing them up. They were funny.

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