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Another Snow Day in Alabama

Yesterday, 2.12.2010, we had another snow day in Anniston, Alabama. The pictures below were taken from our front porch.

snowDay_02_12_10 012

snowDay_02_12_10 010

It was a nice time to relax and stay home. Most times when we are home on the weekends we have so many things to do to prepare for the next week of work that we don’t have much time to relax. Having the snow on the ground and not being able to get out and move about forces one to stop and be still for a while. It seems that we are all too busy these days. We have to have “something” to slow us down. Isn’t that odd about the way people live now compared to a few years ago? The more we learn, the more technology that we accumlate the more we think we have to do. It seems like all the knowledge would help us not have to work so hard. But to me we are all so busy now that we don’t even have time to enjoy one another’s company. So, I for one have loved the snow day and the time to be with my family and friends and enjoy a few things that I love to do too. I hope it was a good time for all of you as well.


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