Holiday – Time at Home to Reflect…

Today was a holiday from work. It was nice to be home an extra day and relax and think. I was looking at some of my pictures and realized that I had not posted a picture of some of my finished projects so thought I would do that today:

Scarf Knitted for my Niece:

 Knitted Scarf               Knitted Scarf


Dish rag knitted from the pattern gotten from yarnmiracle dish rag tag pattern 2008:


 I was not a part of the Dish Rag Tag race but I enjoyed making the pattern and can’t wait to get the pattern from this year http://yarnmiracle.com/2009/10/12/top-eleven .

A collar I crocheted for my sister.


A praying Hands dish rag that  I knitted for my sister.


A dish rag that I crocheted.


 I haven’t made any new things lately but I have got some thoughts racing around in my mind. Maybe I will get some of them done and post some new pictures soon. If not, maybe I will have another day of reflection and find something else to share.


3 comments on “Holiday – Time at Home to Reflect…

  1. I love to knit. This looks so sweet. 🙂

  2. Your knitting and crochet are very nice.

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