Ten Turkeys Visit on Thanksgiving

As my husband and I were returning home from running errands yesterday we found 10 turkeys in our yard. They were so close you could touch them until we started to get out of the car. I grabbed my Blackberry and tried to take some pictures before they got away. But I couldn’t get my zoom to work and they moved pretty fast.

In this picture you can see them if you look closely in the background. Can’t tell they are turkeys but they were there.


Happy Thanksgiving to you.


2 comments on “Ten Turkeys Visit on Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving (really really late)! We never see turkeys in the yard – just the road. I don’t know why they like the road.

  2. Aw! That is so cool! We haven’t seen any at our house this year, but there was a big group like this in a field near by!

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