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What was wrong with Lucy?

Lucy is my Chihuahua. Lately she has been loosing weight and drinking lots of water and being tender to touch. Last weekend I gave her a bath and brushed her fur and she looked so pitiful. She looked like she hadn’t been fed or cared for in months. I told my husband there is something wrong with her. We need to take her to the Vet. He made an appointment and we took her in yesterday. It was a long hard day for us all.

Lucy had to be muzzled. She has such a short muzzle and it is hard to get a muzzle on her. The technician could not do it and I had to put it on her. She was so angry with all of us. After taking her temperature and weighing her (she had lost 3 pounds) the technician left the room and said the Dr. would be in shortly.

We had to wait a while. Lucy began to want the muzzle off and started pawing at it. I had to scold her so that she wouldn’t paw it off. She finally just gave in and layed down in her bed and went to sleep until the Dr. came in.

The Dr. had to press on her in several places to see what was causing her tenderness. Lucy yelled many times during this process and tried to run to me. The Dr. finally ended her examination and Lucy wanted to be held. The Dr. said, ‘Oh, she just wants somebody to hold her.’ And she picked her up to cuddle her in her arms. Lucy did want to be held but not by her. She was upset and started trying to bite the Dr. Even with her muzzle on she was trying her best to get a bite in.

The Dr. told us that Lucy has a bad disc in her back and that is causing her pain. The reason she is loosing weight and drinking lots of water is probably because she has diabetes. She would have to do a blood test to be sure.  Lucy was taken away to have the test done and then returned to us for the “wait” for the results.

Another long wait. But this time we could take the muzzle off. Thank goodness. The Dr. returned with the results of the test and it was confirmed that Lucy has diabetes. She has to have two insulin shots per day for the rest of her life.

We had to go through a training process to learn to give Lucy her shots. The muzzle had to be put on again. This time I said, “Lucy, wait! We have to put this on again. Now help me.” She held her little face up toward me and let me put the muzzle on. The technician showed my husband and me how to fill the needles and give the shot. Then we had to give Lucy shots with saline solution. Poor baby she really had a rough time. She has been completely worn out ever since we got home yesterday afternoon.

This morning was her first “real” injection. She is a good girl. She works with us when we have to give her medicine. It sometimes makes me cry at how humble she is when we have to do things to her. Right now she is resting.

Although this is bad news to receive it is better than some of the things we were thinking might be wrong with her. With treatment she can live a happy life and that is the good news.

Now you have the bad news and the good news of what was wrong with Lucy.


One comment on “What was wrong with Lucy?

  1. Hey there! Glad to see you writing again! So sorry to hear of Lucy’s illness, but we are glad you know what it is and it can be treated.

    Lots of love to you and Lucy!!

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