Buddy’s Birthday


Monday, June 30, 2008 Buddy was 2 years old. I have had Buddy since he was 12 weeks old. He has been a great pet. He learned to do the things I needed him to do without a problem (as I am writing this he is laying at my feet, he has gathered up all his favorite toys and has them beside him while he sleeps with his head on my foot, it is to sweet for words).

One thing I have had to do with Buddy that I haven’t really wanted to do is crate him. I cannot leave him to go to work because he has been a chewer. And he will eat almost anything. I read some information on crate training your dog and was following one of the suggestions that I liked the best. The idea is to give your pet a treat and a toy that it only gets when it is in the crate. I was having great success with this plan. Each morning when I would get ready to go to work I would say “Crate, Crate.” to Buddy and give him his special toy and treat. Buddy would walk in the crate and sit down and I would close it up for the day. When I get in from work I always let him out for the rest of the day. I leave the crate open in case he wants to go in but I don’t put him in it anymore unless I am going to leave the house again. He sleeps with me and my husband and Chihuahua.

Well, after Buddy turned 2 he has decided that he no longer go in his crate. On his birthday he went in fine. The nex morning, July 1, he would not go in. The treat or the toy made no difference to him. I had to pick him up and put him in the crate. Every day since it has been the same. Today was the worst. He wouldn’t go in his crate and so I put him in and he ran back out. Then I put him in again and shut the door and he started to yell and cry. I could hear him while I was walking to my car to go to work. It made me cry.

I hope this is just a phase he is going through and he will begin to go in his crate again like he used to. I can’t stand for him to cry. My husband and I both love our dogs like they are our children and it makes us really sad for them to seem unhappy. My husband is going to get some new treats and see if that will make a difference. I thought it might help because I have been giving him the same treat for about 2 years now and he might like something new. We will see how it turns out.


2 comments on “Buddy’s Birthday

  1. I’m sorry we missed Buddy’s birthday! I guess you have entered the “terrible twos” stage!! I hope things get better!

  2. […] Buddy was two he decided not to go in his crate for a time. I wrote about it here https://auntgranny.wordpress.com/2008/07/08/buddys-birthday/ . A few months ago I decided to get Buddy to go in his crate before I left for work. It took some […]

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