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Return of the Roses

My mother-in-law loved plants. She had beautiful flowers all over the yard. After her retirement she spent many hours in the yard planting and tending her flowers. My husband and I love beautiful flowers and a pretty yard but we do not enjoy the work outside that this requires. After my mother-in-law past away in 1990 her flowers didn’t get the wonderful treatment that they were accustomed to. But she had taken such great care of them that they thrived and looked beautiful for two years after her death even with no one tending them.

Some of mine and my mother-in-law’s favorite plants were:
Yellow Bell Bush
Four o’clock
Sweet Williams
Rose bush

The rose bush on the North side of the house is located right by my bedroom window. It has lovely flowing deep red/pink roses. The roses have not bloomed on this bush for the past 2 to 3 years. Then suddenly, this year, they came back in full bloom. My husband and I were simply delighted to see the beauty of the roses once again from our bedroom window. On Mother’s Day I suggested to my husband that we take a bouquet to his mother’s grave and put some of her own flowers there for a memory to her. We did. Last week when we went up to check the graves the flowers still looked pretty. I was telling my sister about it and she said it was probably the rain water that was keeping them alive.

My mother-in-law worked hard and she received a lot of complements for her hard work from friends and relatives over the years for the pretty yard we had. Occasionally a stranger would stop by to say we had a beautiful yard and they just had to stop and comment. The roses blooming this year made me think of her and feel happy. I know that would make her happy too.


One comment on “Return of the Roses

  1. How sweet! I know the roses are beautiful 🙂

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