Walking and Thinking

Today as I was walking to my car after work I was noticing how beautiful everything is beginning to be. The air was just right, a nice breeze was blowing and colors were popping everywhere.

Spring is time of new beginnings. I love this time of year. It always makes me think of our new beginning when we begin a walk with God. So many new things to find out about and so many ways to change into a new better person full of love to share with others. It is hard for me to walk along on such a beautiful day and not think of our Lord. He has given us so many things to enjoy. I recently saw a gorgeous picture of a Indigo Bunting, a stunning blue bird. I had never seen one before. The color of this bird is so pleasing to look at, it relaxes me to see the picture. I have never seen one in person. I hope that I do one day.

There are so many pretty things in this world. It would be good if we could all slow down a little and enjoy them to their fullest, the way God wanted us to. Next time you are out for a walk take a long look around, you might see something you never saw before and the beauty of it all might just set you to thinking. I hope you do.


2 comments on “Walking and Thinking

  1. What a beautiful thought! The roses do smell wonderful, but sometimes you just have to stop and take a whiff!!

  2. Hey, Aunt Granny – you’ve been tagged! Visit our post titled Dear Old Meme to get the details! Take care!!

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