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The Banner

The picture in my banner is in my front yard. The flea market is a building that we have that has been used for many different things over the years. The last one being a flea market. The higway is right in front of my house. My mother in law and father in law purchased this house in the 40’s and when they bought it there was only a 2 lane dirt road in front. Now there is a four lane highway. It is very noisy.  But there is still no place like home.

The picture was taken in 2005. I was taking a picture of the yellow bell bush.

Above, full picture without cropping for banner.

This bush was a favorite of my mother in law and me. We always loved to see it bloom each year. Sometimes it will bloom in the middle of snow.

The car in the picture was passing by when the picture was taken. It is not one of my cars.



One comment on “The Banner

  1. I love the artistic quality of this picture. The bright yellow bush, a harbinger of spring, and new beginnings, juxtaposed against the nostagia of the words “Flea Market” painted on the building, harkening to the past. Good job!

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