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Feeling Much Better

It is so hard to write when you don’t feel well. I am feeling much better now and ready to start up again where we left off.
As I have mentioned I don’t have any children. I do, however, have two very lovely dogs. Buddy (mini Dachshund) and Lucy (Chihuahua). Buddy is still a baby and he is just adorable. Lucy is 8 years old and she is adorable too. This of course has nothing to do with me being the owner. LOL!
Charming Fellow Lucy
Buddy loves to run and play and seemingly never tires of going after his tennis ball. Lucy loves to sit in your lap and be petted. I believe some afternoons I have thrown Buddy’s ball to him at least 100 times.

Yesterday I gave him two tennis balls. He couldn’t pick both of them up at the same time so he brought one to me and went back to get the other one. I threw one of them several times and he retrieved it. Then I took both of them in my hand at one time and threw the one we had not been playing with. He ran as fast as lightening to retrieve it. But on his way back he noticed that it was not the same ball that we had been playing with. I had put the other one behind me. He threw that ball down on the ground and sniffed it and then butted it with his nose and left it to go find the other ball. These two tennis balls are exactly alike. They are the same color, same size and came from the same canister. I watched him look for that ball and I was totally amazed that he knew the difference in them. He found the one he was looking for and I threw it a couple of more times and then switched again. He wouldn’t have that other ball. He was only going to play with the original one that we started with and that was the way it was going to be.

We had so much fun. By the time it was sunset he was so tired that he just stretched out on the bed with all four legs out in front of him and slept and slept.

There are so many things we can learn from the animals in our lives and one of them is how to have a good energy using play time and then enjoy the rest that follows.


One comment on “Feeling Much Better

  1. Hey! Buddy and Lucy are so adorable! I love the story of Buddy and the ball!! You can’t get anything past these little guys!

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