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The Name…

As I have no children of my own I have claimed the children of my brother and sister. My brother has 3 boys and my sister has 2 girls and one boy. They are all wonderful children and I love them dearly.

One day while visiting with my mother, the girls came over too. At the time I was knitting a scarf for one of them, the one that is a BAMA fan. Scarf seen hereBAMA_Scarf
As we talked about the scarf and other things I planned to knit I told the girls that I planned to knit and crochet them some baby blankets for their future children if they had any. I told them that I would be like a grandmother and and aunt to their babies since I wouldn’t be having any grandchildren of my own. Then I said, “Hey, I can be their Aunt Granny!” We all laughed and talked about what all things an Aunt Granny can do. The more we talked about the idea the more fun it seemed to be an Aunt Granny and not just and aunt or a granny. Suddenly, Mama, who was with us and discussing this too, says, ” I want to be an Aunt Granny!” We thought that was really funny and we all had a good laugh and a lot of fun that day.

It is an honor to be an aunt and a granny. Mixing the two has certainly got to be a double honor. I hope that I can always convey that message to all the children that I have the honor of being a part of their live.               



One comment on “The Name…

  1. Hi Aunt Granny! Just stopping by to see how things are! I love the story of how you got your name! Your nieces and nephews are lucky to have such a wonderful Aunt (Granny)!

    Hope you are feeling better!!

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