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A New Beginning…

Today I am home from work because I have a bronchial infection. I thought that starting my blog would be a good project for me and help me feel better. I have been reading some wonderful blogs lately and it has inspired me to start my own.  I hope you will all enjoy coming by to chat or read.

Eight years ago today we brought home our Chihuahua, Lucy. She weighed less than a pound and looked more like a little hamster than a puppy. I had never seen a puppy that small. In some ways she made me very nervous. My husband and I had been married for 18 years when we got Lucy. During that 18 years we did not (and still do not) have any children. Lucy was more than a puppy to us, she was like a baby. She was only 5 weeks old and had not yet been weaned. When I picked her up she had just finished nursing and her little belly was full. Later that night when she got hungry I had to put a little food on the end of my finger and give it to her. I woke up about every two to three hours (or when ever she cried) and fed her. She soon learned to eat and gained weight and she weighed a little over a pound when we went back to the Vet the next week.

It was an odd thing to me and my husband to see her, so small, and behaving like a dog. When we came in from work she would jump up on us, like any other dog, but she was so small she only came to the top of our shoes.

We had a bed for her that we put in the floor beside our bed. It was a medium sized dog bed and it had a small rim around it that she loved to stand against. She would put her front feet on the top of the rim and her back feet would be in the bed. My husband and I were afraid that she would fall (maybe 4 inches) and get hurt. That is how small she was. We talk about that now and it doesn’t seem possible that she could be small enough for that to be scary. She weighs 6 pounds now.

About 2 years ago we got our Dachshund. The two of them still have their moments but they are getting used to each other. Lucy is 6 years older than Buddy. Buddy bothers her because he wants to run and play and she doesn’t. But they are both adorable and my husband and I love them dearly.

Some days I like to crochet and other days I like to knit. I have several projects in mind that I want to start soon. I am currently knitting a set of dishcloths for my sister, Jill. After that I want to make an afghan. I will share more about these projects in the coming days. Please feel free to share your own projects too.


One comment on “A New Beginning…

  1. Hey there Aunt Granny!

    Your site looks great and I will check back regularly to find out more about your fiber and canine capers!!

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